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HiYo Silver!

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Extreme 3D
Extreme 3D

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 28, 2010 11:17 am
PostPost subject: HiYo Silver!
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Ok, this is gonna make me fly better right? Suuuuure it is.... Rolling Eyes
Not! But it is very strong, this is the exact type head I had on my silver heli a coupla months ago, I loved that thing, so I got it again...just the head...everything moves like glass on glass man! No plastic at all, even the radius arms, 'cept for the ball link, which has to be plastic. Put woodies on it and it will pretty close to be indestructable Shocked.

Which reminds me, to any who are new and might crash alot, do not use CF blades, lol, it's not that you might hurt the dang blades, but the blades might cause more damage, at least in my case anyway, I am taking mine off and putting woodies on, all the crashes I have been in those dnag CF blades took it and were just about the only thing not hurt! But, because of that they caused massive dmg to the rotor head and Boom. Check it out:

This what happens when I am either too confident after a month of not flying,..or too foggy from the muscle relaxers and Tylonol 3s.... Very Happy or both. After I got my heli all fixed up nice and neat I just picked it up and took it outside, eager to fly like I did a month ago...I did at least check the heli over but...I forgot to check my Tx, I 4got that it was set in Rate mode.... Embarassed the tail was freakin me out and i just lost it, was a very easy crash, landed in the grass next to the driveway and it tipped over onto the drive and the blades hit the concrete and..whap!!! Didn't even scratch the blades! Not even a little bit! They are still in perfect condition.
Twisted the feathering shaft like taffy, u see what it did to the top hub, just ate it. Broke the seesaw block in half, the tail went sideways as u can see, the tailblade shaft bent like a horse shoe. But the blades..oh, they r just fine....Woodies for training from now on for me....And I think i'm gonna use my TG again for a few days, lol Wink
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 28, 2010 4:32 pm
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Glad you got that sorted Trouble, sometimes the best learned lessons are the expensive ones. Woodies will certainly not cause the damage that tougher blades will. Your post should be considered essential reading for all newbees.

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