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wanting to go scale. need some help!!

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Joined: 04 Jun 2011
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PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 2:18 am
PostPost subject: wanting to go scale. need some help!!
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Ive currently been flying a Trex 450 pro and looking into a bigger heli and going scale. i have my eye on the HH-60 Jayhawk fuselage and want a scale main and tail rotor. Im not sure what path to take, 500 or 600 and which model to go with. not sure about gear ratio, motor size, one battery or doubling them up or what type gyro. any help would be greatly appreciated. im ready to start building!
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Fully Charged
Fully Charged

Joined: 06 Nov 2011
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PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2012 10:59 pm
PostPost subject: Scale Helis
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Hi if i was you i would go for 600 size Min,really stable,i have a Trex 500 esp,and am thinking of a fuse for it,it will do it,plenty of power with standard motor,not sure if would need to upgrade the ESC,and you would need to maybe use a diff tooth pininon,to bring the headspeed down,scale helis dont do 3d stuff,the gyro is not a prob,they are the same as you would use for pod/boom,unless,you want to go multiblade rotor,then as far as i know,you need a 3 axis gyro,but thay are easy enough to get.
Two batteries arnt a problem,my 500 would cope wjth extra weight,have a look on other forums,there are lots of scale helis being done like this,you need to find the best combination to suit your ideas.

Goldman Evil or Very Mad
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Extreme 3D
Extreme 3D

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 04, 2012 3:44 am
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Hello Applejack, and welcome!

I fly a lot of scale and have settled on the 500 size as the best....for me.

I am in the process of moving all my 450 and smaller helis over to my son and his kids hanger. I have run out of room and I found the 450's to just be a PITA to work on beacuse of size. The cost of repair was great, but the 500's are not that much more.
Now the cost of servos, UBEC's, ESC's, motors and servos for the 600 size takes a real jump in price and if I had not wanted that Mi-24 so bad, I would not have gone to the 600's at all. Check out the cost of 8S and 10S LIPO's!

The 500 size has a real "presence" at the flying field and you can add as much "scale" as you want.

Stability is not so much an issue if you are going to multi-blade heads, as most people will be using a FBL unit with them. I have settled on the CopterX CX-3X1000 for all my heli's and love it. At least for scale flying, it is a super value at ~$30.00 US, and even the 3D guys are giving it rave reviews!

The 500's have a lot more room to work in/on and the cost factor against the 600's made them my size choice.

Once again, it is just one man's opinion.....and worth just about that much!!
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