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Carbon Fibre boom repairs

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Extreme 3D
Extreme 3D

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 23, 2011 5:35 pm
PostPost subject: Carbon Fibre boom repairs
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Back in the early days when I first started trying to fly these accidents looking for a spot to happen creations - many were supplied with GRP / CF booms.

With Boom strikes and various mishaps - they inevitably started to crack or shred.

Now the following repair method applied also to some very bad boom cases and worked ....

Materials needed :

Heat gun
1 hr epoxy
Thin polythene or cling film
Thin spatula or lollypop stick
Straight batten longer than boom

Method :

Ok first we have to clean up the boom and remove all foreign crud. Do not lose the fibres / schreds that are hanging - leave in place.

Prepare polythene or film ready to wrap boom in a spiral.

Mix epoxy and spatula into cracks, shredded areas and smooth fibres back into place .... epoxy can be smoothed along the boom ....

With heat gun play hot air over the boom and epoxy to get it to thin and soak into the structure - careful not to overcook the epoxy as this speeds up setting FAST !.

Once epoxy is thin and soaking in and BEFORE it sets ... wrap boom in polythene to hold shape and smooth out the surface.

Lay wrapped boom along straight batten and lightly fix while epoxy is setting.

Once all set - run a masonry drill down the inside to remove any burrs / shreds etc. that may damage belt ....

Voila - a boom back in service again.
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