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Electric RC Helicopters, The New Wave

RC Helicopters, one of mankind's the most fascinating invention, grab people's attention wherever they are flown. Not surprisingly, RC Helicopters earned its place as one of the most intriguing hobby to pursue. This fact probably came to be because of the addictive, gripping and exciting nature of this leisure pursuit. To add to that, the model helicopter themselves represent the finest of modern day miniature technology.

electric_rc_helicopterNot long ago, very few have ever had the pleasure of getting a taste of flying these amazing machines. For a simple reason - once upon a time they cost way too much to buy and way to expensive to maintain. Alas - many thought this hobby would be and forever remain amongst one of those exclusive to the rich. Also, some people did not like the smell of gasoline exhaust or the loud noise of the engine. Fear not! Those days are gone!

Most people can now very easily afford to fly RC Helicopters thanks to the tremendous improvements of batteries, motors, and general electronics in the past few years. These innovations result in a new field of RC - Electric RC Helicopters - which at the same time opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. These include flying helicopter indoors and right at your own backyard while at the same time causing absolutely no pollution and much less noise. Moreover, maintenance costs which used to scare most people now shrink down so low that it won't hurt your wallet in any way!

Recent technologies also allow Electric RC Helicopters to be built much smaller than their gas counterparts. In fact, electric RC helicopter also took on the nick name: micro RC helicopters. This not only fulfills many people's childhood dream of indoor flights, it also makes for easy transporting. Not that it has to be carried very far since it can be flown right at your house. electricrchelicopter

The need for tedious maintenance greatly decreased as well. With electric helicopters, you can forget hauling around heavy flight box full of equipment. If any repairs became necessary, it can usually be carried out in full with nothing more than a screw driver. Often times repair can be made using bare hands.

Reliability of electric RC helicopters also improves greatly when compared to the gas versions because they use electrical motors instead of nitro engines. Electric motors come much cheaper than gas engines, much less tedious, and much less dirty. Unlike gas engines, electric motor almost never cuts out like an engine does. This means no more stalled engine in mid air!

Don't think for one second that electric flights won't last long. Modern RC models use Lithium Polymer batteries. These types of batteries will allow Electric RC Helicopters to stay up in the air as long as - or longer - than gas helicopters. Moreover, when running out of gas, nitro helicopter engines will suddenly cut out. On the other hand, their electric brothers will slowly power down with ample time to land.

Electric RC Helicopter also makes it easier for beginners to get a hang of this hobby. Whereas nitro helicopters can easily draw buckets of sweat from learning pilots, an Electric RC Helicopter proves much easier to master. While even beginner nitro helicopters requires at least six channels to fly, Electric RC Helicopters starts at only 2, 3, and 4 channels.

Some models even use two main rotors that turn in opposite directions, eliminating the need for a tail rotor. This means one less channel to worry about while learning. And what's more, most of these beginner helicopters fly right of the box. No more spending weeks trying to assemble complicated kits.

t-rex_rc_heliOn the other hand, for experienced pilots, high-end model Electric RC Helicopters such as Align's T-Rex 450 and T-Rex 600 offers high performance 3D crafts that willexcite even the most avid pilots.

Where once flying a small model helicopter around in your own home was once a far-fetched dream, Electric RC Helicopters has made that dream a very vivid and extremely enjoyable reality!

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